Edward T. Rogowsky's life and career transcended the experience of those who worked with him daily. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to introduce this remembrance by borrowing from several individuals-both in and out of CUNY - who knew and loved him.The following statements are excerpted from a May 2, 2001 memorial service held at the CUNY Graduate Center in Ed's honor. (Copies of that service are available by request through the Internship Program office.)

I would say, 'Ed, you're the top, you're the Coliseum,' and he would come back and say, `Matt, you're the top, you're the Louvre Museum.' Then I would say, 'Ed, you're sublime, you're a turkey dinner,' and-without missing a beat-he would say, 'Matt, you're the time of the derby winner.' ...At words poetic ...I have always found it best. .. to let them rest, unexpressed. .. but if this ditty is not so pretty, at least I'll tell you how great you are. Ed, you always are and will be the top
Matthew Goldstein,
Chancellor, CUNY

  ...I met Ed Rogowsky in the mid-1970s. [There was] lots of noise and commotion. But right in the middle, in the vortex of the CUNY hurricane, there was one Port of Calm. There was Ed, schmoozing, confiding, with his hand lightly caressing your shoulder, putting people at ease, guiding the flow, joking, laughing, paving the way to accomplish good for the University. He looked me over, called me 'BOYCHIK,' and we became fast friends ... No one was more dedicated to the Internship Program than Ed. Thousands of New Yorkers benefited from his leadership in providing opportunities for student success...
Jay Hershenson,
Vice Chancellor for University Relations, CUNY

All Hail Dear Ed Rogowsky! He was a wonder worker with students, eliciting their interest and organizing their knowledge of the city, state and nation's politics and public administration... Nature could not have done better by him, nor by us in getting to know him. Ed was a significant source of comfort and support for CUNY .. It was a heartwarming experience to have known and to have basked in the sunshine of [his] friendship ... The world seems better for his having been among us...
Julius C.C. Edelstein,
Vice Chancellor Emeritus, CUNY

Ed Rogowsky had an indomitable spirit that infused everything he did, and that energized everyone who knew him, who worked with him, who encountered him even casually. That spirit lives on after him and continues to enrich the lives of all who were fortunate enough to ever spend time with him.
Frances Degen Horowitz,
President, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Eddie was many things to many people within CUNY and outside of it: ... a tireless defender of CUNY in City Hall and Albany. .. a crusader for gay and lesbian rights ... and, last but not least, a writer of wonderfully politically topical show tunes.
Stephen Brier,
Associate Provost for Instructional Technology and External Programs, The Graduate Center, CUNY

He was a very special human being... He was The Original Brooklyn Dodger Fan... He was an intellectual with a great personality. .. As a professor, he was the most caring... He loved his scholarship. He loved his students. They consumed his professional life ... He was the best listener. .. because he really listened-A YIDDISHA COUNSELIER Ed touched everyone ... He loved us all.
Robert Isaacson,
Executive Director, CUNY-TV

He integrated the practice of politics into his teaching, his research and his academic life... He understood the inextricable relationship between politics and policy... What was truly unusual about Ed is that he could speak to the most esoteric debates in Political Science, but he understood that teaching and research must also be about practice... Ed believed in the pedagogic value of student internships in government, ...and one of the most important gifts you can give to students is that experience as an intern ... If we are to teach about the values of citizenship in a democracy, we better be engaged in the public discourse was the message that I got from Ed Rogowsky.
Prof. Esther Fuchs,
Director, Barnard/Columbia Urban Policy Center

No matter what circle you are in, they're talking about Ed Rogowsky. He was a MENSCH! Professor Ben Rivlin, Ralphe Bunche Institute on the United Nations He did a wonderful job of developing the Internship Program. I'm so glad it's been named the Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs ... It's one of the highlights of CUNY!
Prof. Dan Kramer (Emeritus),
Department of Political Science, College of Staten Island, CUNY

There was not one student who asked a question and did not get an answer from him ... He always made time to develop individuals in whatever capacity he could.
Ernesto Malave, Jr.,
Assistant Director, Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs, CUNY

Above all else-and a lot could be said about this wonderful man-Ed continues to teach us that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Anthony J. Maniscalco,
Director, Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs, CUNY

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